G.S.O donation request

The Conference Finance Committee would like to remind ALL Group/District/Area/ Intergroup and C.S.O Committees and Treasurers that have any funds above your prudent reserve, not being used for P.I or Special purposes, be sent to G.S.O (as per our Group Donation Plan) to help our Office with our primary purpose of carrying the message to the sick and suffering Alcoholics and in their quest to supply services and literature to our groups.

Our G.S.O/G.S.B supply services to groups such as :

Our insurance policies


Big books


Our E-Magazine

Our Board

And much more

Our G.S.B and G.S.O have done a great job reducing costs but still require our help financially.

So, if you have a bank account just bursting with excess funds-send it to G.S.O and put it to good use.

Conference Finance Committee


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